Your Pet’s Home Away From Home in Chandler AZ

Pet Boarding at Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital understands that pets need safe and comfortable accommodations when their owners have to be away. We have designed our boarding facility to offer both physical comfort and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is receiving professional care.

Pet Accommodations: Dogs

The boarding facility of Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital offers climate-controlled indoor runs for dogs. All indoor runs are raised off of the floor and have grated floors so no dog will sit or lay in a soiled run. Each dog is taken out twice per day to the outdoor runs in order to go to the bathroom.

We have three different sized kennel options and can even combine two of our largest kennels for extra-large breeds.

Any dogs experiencing anxiety can be transferred to our specially designed quiet room to encourage relaxation.

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations for their protection and flea and tick prevention treatments will be provided. We provide dog food for every boarder, but will be glad to use the pet’s food brought from home should he or she have special dietary needs.

For dogs staying with us longer than one week, we offer and recommend one-on-one additional play sessions.

Pet Accommodations: Cats

Cats require a different environment than dogs, both to avoid anxiety over being near dogs and to provide engaging stimuli. Our cat cottages each include a climbing ledge in an enclosed, indoor environment, separate from our dog boarding areas.

All cats must be up to date on vaccinations and will be treated for flea and tick prevention to ensure protection. We provide food for every boarder, but are happy to feed the diet brought from the cat’s home should he or she have any special dietary needs.

Medical-Needs Pet Boarding

For pets that require medication or special monitoring, such as for diabetes or allergy treatments, we offer medical boarding. Our trained staff will ensure your pet receives his or her medication and is monitored for any changes in health status. Our veterinarians are always available to check on boarding pets should any needs arise.

Boarding Policy

Please read our Boarding Policy.

If you have any questions about our boarding abilities or if you need to reserve a space for your pet, please contact our helpful team.