Comprehensive Wellness Care for the Pets of Chandler AZ

Pet Wellness Care is Available for Pets in Chandler AZ Advances in veterinary medicine have made available measures to protect pets and allow for longer and fuller active lives. Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital’s team remains abreast of the latest technology and makes the best pet care options available to the pets of Chandler.

Pet Vaccinations

Every pet benefits from the protection offered by vaccinations, but not every pet needs all of the vaccinations that are available. When your pet visits Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital for his or her annual physical exam, our team will work with you to assess the unique risks your pet faces and the benefits of each type of vaccine. We will develop a vaccination plan that protects your pet without over-vaccinating.

Pet Parasite Prevention

  • Heartworm—In our arid environment, heartworm has not been an issue until recently. With the increased number of swimming pools and ponds that been installed, we have started to see more mosquitoes in the Valley, and more heartworm infections as a result. We recommend annual screening for heartworm and use of preventives in all dogs.
  • Flea and tick control—Fortunately, our area has historically not had to deal with the issues associated with fleas and ticks that other parts of the country endure. In recent years, however, increasing numbers of people have begun traveling with their pets into the mountainous regions of our state. This increases the likelihood that these parasites will return home with them. Our team will help you protect your pets and prevent infestations.
  • Intestinal parasites—Worms that live in the intestines of pets can drain the pet of needed nutrients and can cause larger health issues as the worms reproduce and damage pet organs. Through regular fecal screening and appropriate treatment, our team will ensure your pet remains worm free.

Pet Dental Care

Caring for your pet’s teeth not only promotes a healthy mouth, but also it protects the pet from larger health issues that can arise from bacteria that enter the blood stream through swollen gums. Pets can be trained to accept having their teeth brushed, and our team will help you select the best methods for both at-home and in-hospital dental care.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

Our veterinary team understands the wide variety and differing quality of the vast number of pet foods on today’s market. In addition to guiding you in selecting the right food for your pet, our clinic offers prescription pet foods for dogs or cats dealing with special health conditions. Our prescription diets are made by:

Health Certificates for Traveling Pets

Different states and countries have varying requirements for proof of a pet’s health when you are transporting an animal. In addition, airlines may also impose their own requirements. Be sure you plan ahead if you will be traveling with your pet.

Our veterinary hospital is licensed to complete health certificate examinations and would be glad to help you in preparing your pet for a safe trip.

For more information on requirements for international travel with your pets, see the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service site.

Any time you have questions about your pet’s health, contact Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital.