Testing & Treating Chandler’s Pets: State-of-the-Art Technology

State of The Art Veterinary Diagnostics Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a wide variety of technology to assist our doctors in diagnosing pet conditions. Whether for a routine health exam or to assist an injured or ill pet, our hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment for fast and accurate results.

In-house veterinary laboratory—The ability to process samples in-house allows us to quickly assess a pet’s condition so that we can initiate a treatment to bring relief or to restore or maintain health. Our lab routinely runs tests including:

We also are able to send test samples out to a specialized lab for more detailed analysis.

Veterinary endoscopy—Using a tiny camera mounted on a flexible tube, endoscopy is used to view the internal structures of a pet’s body.

Digital X-ray—Moving away from the traditional film X-rays and into digital X-ray technology has allowed our hospital to provide faster and more accurate diagnoses. The digital images have higher resolution than film X-rays and the images can be manipulated so our doctors can have the exact view they need. This leads to needing fewer images, less exposure for the pet, and lower cost for the client. The digital format also means we can have the images reviewed by a board-certified radiologist the same day if needed.

Veterinary ultrasound—Similar to human ultrasounds, veterinary ultrasound can be used to non-invasively examine the internal organs and functioning of a pet’s systems. Our veterinarians routinely use ultrasound for reproduction monitoring and as a diagnostic tool. For more complex cases requiring greater precision equipment, Kennel Care partners with Phoenix Veterinary Internal Medicine Services, a mobile small animal internal medicine specialist.

Valley Fever in Pets—This fungal infection is endemic to the Sonoran Desert region. The fungus affects both the lungs and bones and is frequently misdiagnosed outside of our area. At Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital, we frequently test for the infection when symptoms including a prolonged cough or limp arise.

If you have any questions about our diagnostic abilities, please contact the helpful veterinary team of Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital.