Veterinary Surgery: Experienced, Compassionate Care

Veterinary Surgery For Pets in Chandler AZ Kennel Care Veterinary Hospital believes in providing the same high-quality care for your pets that we want for our own pets. Whether your pet comes to us for a routine procedure or more advanced surgical needs, we provide individualized attention to maximize safety and speed recovery time.

Individual Pet Attendant

Each pet is assigned a veterinary technician who remains with the pet from the time the anesthetic is begun, through the entire procedure, and up until the pet is fully awake and alert. Having one primary attendant comforts the pet and allows us to ensure thorough consistency in care. Our technicians are trained to monitor pets for any signs of discomfort so our doctors can adjust pain management protocols to keep them comfortable.

Veterinary Surgical Procedures

In addition to providing spaying and neutering for both dogs and cats, our experienced veterinarians also offer:

  • Cat declawing
  • Pet dentistry
  • Canine ear cropping
  • Canine reproductive surgeries
    • Surgical insemination
    • Caesarian section
  • Growth removal
  • Soft tissue repair

If you have any questions about any surgical procedure for your pets, please call to speak with a member of our surgical team.